Live album by Maroon 5
June 22, 2004
January 22, 2003 (Hit Factory, New York)
Pop rock, acoustic rock
Octone Records

1.22.03.Acoustic, so named for the date it was recorded live at the Hit Factory, New York, is a live EP by Californian band Maroon 5. It contains acoustic versions of many of the songs on their international hit album, Songs About Jane, as well as two cover songs (The Beatles' "If I Fell" and AC/DC's "Highway to Hell").

The album reached #42 in the United States and was certified Gold (Sales: 500,000) and Silver in the United Kingdom.

Track listingEdit

No. Title Length
1. "This Love" 4:15
2. "Sunday Morning" 4:14
3. "She Will Be Loved" 4:36
4. "Harder to Breathe" 3:09
5. "The Sun" 5:18
6. "If I Fell" 3:23
7. "Highway to Hell" 4:30


  • "If I Fell" was originally recorded by The Beatles on the album A Hard Day's Night.
  • "Highway to Hell" was originally recorded by AC/DC on the album of the same name. This version features singer Adam Levine on drums and Ryan Dusick on lead vocals, live from Hamburg, Germany.

Critical receptionEdit

Giving the EP a C grade, Entertainment Weekly said that "Maroon 5 cement their reputation as kings of the new faceless pop," adding, "Adam Levine...sounds more grating than usual without the much-needed studio gloss."

Charts and certificationsEdit


  • US #42
  • Austria #55
  • Ireland #64
  • Italy #65
  • Swiss #66
  • UK #58


  • RIAA - Gold
  • BPI - Silver

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